PARACORD with accessories

Paracord is available in slightly different qualities, the original comes from the USA and is 100% nylon. Then it is also manufactured in Europe and the Western world. We carry paracord in 100% nylon and nylon/polyester. Crime weight than 250 kg. /550 lbs. 7 inner threads. The quality of paracord can vary on the market, but today we buy good products so you will get a nice result when tying bracelets, dog collars, leashes, etc. The thickness is 3.2-4 mm. Some colors are not exactly reproduced in the picture as in real life, but contact us and we will help you find the right shade.

Paracord became popular when the American soldiers tied bracelets from this parachute cord. This is because they would have a very strong line with them to use if necessary., also called a survival bracelet. Now the rope is available in lots of nice patterns and colors, and the areas of use are endless. The minimum purchase is 1 meter, but if you buy e.g. 6 m. and you get this in one length. In the case of very long pieces, it may come in two parts, but if that is the case, we always contact you as the customer first.

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