Webbing, PVC, PPM-Cord

PVC-Hex is waterproof webbing, soft, flexible and very easy-care material. We buy our material in Europe. It is similar to leather, is very strong. It is waterproof, resistant to bacteria, can be washed off, does not smell, does not stretch and is mold-free. It is perfect for dog collars, leashes, bridles, halters, harnesses, bracelets, etc. Equally suitable for dogs, cats, rabbits and horses. Feel free to combine with paracord with which you can braid patterns. When buying more than 1 m. we deliver it in one piece. If you use rivets for these materials, the rivet should be 2-2.5 mm. longer than the thickness of what you are going to rivet, if the rivet is too long, you run the risk of the rivet coming loose. Screw is easy to use, you can put a little loctite on it and it will stick and you don't have to be afraid that it will screw up.

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